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  • Latchkey Kid Safety

    Latchkey Kid Safety

    For a couple of hours a day, these kids are left unsupervised. And with preparations and specific safeguards, it’s okay.

  • So You Want to be a Couponer?

    So You Want to be a Couponer?

    So you want to be a couponer? Check out these resources for becoming an even thriftier shopper.


August 2014

  • Get In the Garden

    Get In the Garden

    All around the country, early August proves ideal for planting seeds for a host of vegetables and herbs as well as a great time to tend to your flowers.

  • Back-to-School Prep

    Back-to-School Prep

    Frenzied school schedules and after-school activities are less than a month away, but just a bit of planning and a little home organization can go a long way.


July 2014

June 2014

  • Alternative Flooring for the Traditional Home

    Alternative Flooring for the Traditional Home

    Every ensemble needs a statement piece paired with complementing elements. This is true in brilliant artwork and flattering outfits — the same should apply to your home design.

  • Kid DIY: Teaching Lifelong Lessons

    Kid DIY: Teaching Lifelong Lessons

    Every project starts with a plan. Map it out together. Make it as detailed as you want, but keep in mind that you are teaching your little one a lifelong lesson about process.


May 2014

  • Don’t Drown in Water Damage

    Don’t Drown in Water Damage

    Water damage is a homeowner’s nightmare. Avoid water damage to your home by knowing how to prevent and detect a water leak.

  • Fence Repair 101

    Fence Repair 101

    Yes, it might be your property, but it’s always a good idea to talk with your neighbors before constructing a fence. It’s just good manners.


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  • Pull the Plug on Electrical Fires

    Pull the Plug on Electrical Fires

    Taking a few minutes to re-evaluate your home’s safety could be an eye-opening experience, and a few precautionary steps could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.


November 2013

October 2013

  • Heating Care

    Heating Care

    It’s always a good idea to check and make sure everything is in working order before firing your furnace up again.

  • Spook House

    Spook House

    While it’s easy to blame ghosts or goblins for making your house creak, in all likelihood, your distressed foundation is letting out a groan.


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  • Properly plan your remodel

    Properly plan your remodel

    Doing it yourself may sound like a great way to save, but before you grab that drill make sure you’re truly up to the task.

  • Don’t downgrade, downsize

    Don’t downgrade, downsize

    Downsizing comes in all shapes and sizes and can be a positive way for anyone to cleanse from the past.

  • Egg carton plants

    Egg carton plants

    Try out your green thumb with egg carton plants, just in time for Houseplant Appreciation Day.


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  • Creative autumn wreath ideas

    Creative autumn wreath ideas

    For striking autumn wreath designs and colors, look for inspiration from unusual sources and consider a unique mix of materials.

  • Decorating with pearls

    Decorating with pearls

    Pearls exude unabashed glamour and style, whether adorning a neck, studding a lampshade, or accenting a toss pillow.

  • Fantastic light fixtures

    Fantastic light fixtures

    Smaller design houses around the country have brought edgy light fixtures back with turn-of-the-century inspired designs.


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