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  • November Elections: Every Vote Counts!

    November Elections: Every Vote Counts!

    Voting for your association board, county supervisor, state representative or provincial officials and federal office holders is important.

  • Sign of the Times

    Sign of the Times

    Dealing with political signage in your community is an issue that must be approached with sensitivity, especially with election season fast approaching.


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  • 3 Ways to Increase Team Work In Your HOA

    3 Ways to Increase Team Work In Your HOA

    Promoting team work is one of the most effective strategies you can foster in your Community Association.

  • High Risk Fixtures

    High Risk Fixtures

    In some states boards they can mandate that owners take proactive measures to replace the item or have the Association replace the item at the owner’s cost.


April 2014

  • Going Native!

    Going Native!

    Even if your community isn’t focused on sustainability issues, giving thought to installing more native species makes sense simply in terms of saving money.

  • Pool Safety

    Pool Safety

    As spring time approaches, it is a good opportunity to review pool safety practices to ensure for a happy, safe pool season.


March 2014

  • The Coming Revolution

    The Coming Revolution

    While not known for being on the cutting edge of technology, new services are quickly changing the community management industry.

  • What if…..?

    What if…..?

    It’s no secret that HOAs get a bad rap in the public discourse.  In fact...


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  • Peace on Earth

    Peace on Earth

    Sometimes, advice on avoiding pitfalls in community management is best served by a detailed legal analysis.

  • Are you ready for winter?

    Are you ready for winter?

    This is the time of year that most of us start preparing for the holiday season.


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  • 5 Tips for a Healthy Fall Lawn

    5 Tips for a Healthy Fall Lawn

    What a lovely time of year autumn is. The weather finally cools, the leaves start to turn beautiful colors and the holidays aren’t far off. Fall is a busy time for landscape maintenance in community associations; in fact, busier than most may realize.

  • Eight Golden Rules for Boards of Directors

    Eight Golden Rules for Boards of Directors

    Board members must interface with their membership, management team, association vendors and other members of the public pragmatically at all times.


August 2013

  • Five Steps to Community Involvement

    Five Steps to Community Involvement

    As more and more people are moving into community associations, it should be a priority for board members and community association managers to develop a sense of belonging and ownership for each new member.

  • A “Greener” Community

    A “Greener” Community

    There are approximately 300,000 community associations in the United States, representing more than 20 million homes. If each of our community associations encouraged their owners to take some minor steps to conserve energy, the impact would be substantial.


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  • Get outside

    Get outside

    Bring the feel of camping to the neighborhood complete with campfires and ghost stories told around the glowing embers of your fire.

  • Weathering the storm

    Weathering the storm

    Working with your neighbors in advance, you can decide where to create an emergency first-aid station.

  • Profitable causes

    Profitable causes

    The entire neighborhood had already decided to rally around one of their neighbors who had recently been diagnosed with cancer.


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  • Volunteer with neighbors

    Volunteer with neighbors

    Ready to tackle the weeds growing around your neighborhood playground? Now is the time do something!

  • Throw a party without going broke

    Throw a party without going broke

    In these budget-conscious times, there are many ways to host a great party without spending tons of money.

  • Polite Noise Control

    Polite Noise Control

    Handling noise—be it music, construction, or a yappy puppy—politely is the answer if you want to stay on good terms with your neighbors.


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