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By Callie Leahy 

Did you miss out on National Night Out this year? Celebrate community, safety, and your local law enforcement by organizing a National Night Out event for your neighborhood on the first Tuesday in October!

Take advantage of the October festivities and theme your “America’s Night Out Against Crime” with all things Halloween. From a creepy crawly cake walk to costume contests and a boogi
e woogie monster mash, get started with these wicked Halloween NNO ideas.

Boo Bash

There is nothing more fun than a good old fashioned dance party with your friends and neighbors! Do the hokey pokey, limbo and monster mash your way through the night with a petrifying playlist of Halloween dance favorites.

Creepy Crawly Cake Walk and Competition

Cook up some creepy crawly cakes and baked goods for a ghoulish game of luck and numbers. From cakes decorated like gravesites to cupcakes that look like mummies; give away prizes for the creative crafters in your neighborhood. Proceeds from the cake walk can be used to support your local first responders. 

Costume Contest

Bust out your favorite costumes from years past or preview your costume for this year with an NNO costume contest!

Dress Up Your Truck Contest

Get your first responders involved in your NNO event with a Dress Up Your Truck Contest; See which squad car, ambulance or fire truck has what it takes to drive away with the trophy this year!

Zombie Walk

Being a zombie is hard work! See which of your neighbors do the best zombie impersonation with a community Zombie Walk. Award participants for “scariest walk,” “most creative walk” and “best zombie.”

Safety Carnival

Teach your kids how to be safe in the community in a fun way with an NNO safety carnival. Here are some fun safety games and station ideas to get you started.

  • Bike Riding Safety Relay First, group kids in teams of two. Line up two teams side by side with one child as the “runner” and the other as the “dresser.” The runner will run down the lane, grab one piece of bicycle safety gear and bring it back to their teammate who will put the safety gear on, one piece at a time. The first team with all of its safety gear correctly placed wins!
  • When to Call 911 Knowing when to call 911 is important. For this event you’ll need two large pieces of poster board or foam board, Velcro and some printouts of when it is and isn’t okay to call for help. Set up one board as a “when TO call 911” and the other as “when to NOT call 911” with a table of answers in the middle. Using Velcro to stick the answers to the boards, the player will have 30 seconds to get as many answers on the correct board as possible. Example answers could be, “when you need help with your homework,” or “when you see smoke in your home.”
  • Trick or Treating Safety Whether it’s what to look for in your candy bag or accepting homemade treats from complete strangers or wearing proper reflective gear outside, make sure to emphasize trick or treating safety to parents and kids alike.

For more information on hosting a National Night Out event, visit www.natw.org.

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