No more green beer

By Callie Leahy

If your typical St. Patrick’s Day includes copious amounts of green beer and Irish shooters then look no further. This St. Patty’s, liven up your annual bash with these Irish cocktails that will give you total “bragh-ing” rights.

Green Dublin Apple Cocktail

Are you a fan of the appletini? If so, you’re in luck with this Dublin-inspired cocktail. Combine Irish whiskey, sour apple schnapps and white cranberry juice in an ice-filled martini shaker and serve cold with a lemon twist or fresh slice of apple.

The Irish Encounter

This fruity drink combines the succulent flavors of coconut and banana, with Baileys Irish Cream and your choice of rum for a unique Irish experience, cousin to the pina colada!

Crème de Menthe Whiskey cocktail

This green cocktail mixes the bold flavor of whiskey with Crème de Menthe, a minty, cream liqueur for a bold cocktail unlike any other.

Dancing Leprechaun

Combine Drambuie and Dewars scotch whiskey with ginger beer and half a lemon for a stout cocktail that looks like the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!

Irish Rose 

Don’t count out this Irish cocktail just because it isn’t green! This rosy-red cocktail blends colorful strawberry tequila — Tequila Rose — with sweet, creamy crème de cacao and Baileys Irish crème.

Irish Flag Shot

Layer crème de menthe (green), Baileys Irish Crème (white) and Grand Marnier (Amber/Orange) for a festive shot that looks like the flag of Ireland!

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