Keys to great spring parties

By Mindy Baxter

As the weather warms this spring, you may be ready to take your party outside. But after months of entertaining inside, don’t forget to spruce up and prepare your yard or patio before the guests arrive.

Melanie Blodgett, a Denver-based event planner and blogger at, has a few recommendations for making your spring patio party both warm and inviting.


Patio furniture has to stand up to all weather, and as a result can be uncomfortably hard. If your outdoor seating is hard, Blodgett recommends getting indoor/outdoor pillows to soften the furniture and keep guests comfortable.


Just because days have turned warm, keep in mind that spring weather can change quickly especially after sundown.

“Parties usually start when the sun is up and end when it’s long gone, so make sure you’re ready for a change in temperature with a pile of blankets you don’t mind getting dirty,” Blodgett said.


Spring breezes may feel nice, but they can cause havoc on a poorly planned party.

“Even the slightest breeze can send paper products and decorations flying,” Blodgett said. “Be equipped with decorative weights to keep things in place.”

You don’t need to get fancy either. She suggests painted rocks to hold lightweight items in place.


Before the long days of summer come, evening entertaining can easily go after dark. Blodgett says simple lighting is great not just in spring, but beyond.

“You absolutely can’t go wrong with strings of cafe bulbs,” she said. “Hang them up at the beginning of the season and keep them up for spontaneous entertaining.”

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