Get your home puppy ready

By Callie Leahy

Celebrate National Puppy Day March 23 by bringing home a furry face to add to your family! Whether this is your first puppy or an addition to an existing dog house, here are some tips to get you and your house ready for your new four-legged friend.

  • Check your furniture, countertops and appliances for sharp edges that may harm your new puppy.
  • Put up “puppy” gates around stairs and water features to keep puppy contained to a safe playing area. Gates are available at most pet stores.
  • Is your new pup an outside dog? Walk around your backyard and look for hazards, like poisonous plants or places your pup could escape.
  • Make sure your floor is clear of shoes, kids’ toys and electrical cords so they aren’t accidentally mistaken for a chew toy.
  • Consider having your carpets cleaned if this isn’t your first pet. The new puppy may find old potty spots and make them his or her own.

New Puppy Shopping List

  • A kennel and/or a dog bed – a “dog exclusive” home for your puppy is important in establishing a routine.
  • If this puppy is joining existing dogs in your home, help your dogs get along by purchasing a new toy for each dog. Once the dogs have their own new toy, new toys for the puppy won’t seem so enticing, making your dogs and the new puppy less territorial.

Check out pet-specific spot cleaners because they will remove the odor and keep your puppy from coming back to the same spot.

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