Garden prep starts now

By Mindy Baxter

With warm spring weather comes an itch to garden. As trees bloom and bees buzz, think about how spring planting can add color and interest to your home and community.

But before you scratch that itch by planting flowers, Bryan Hutson, spokesman for Calloway’s Nursery, says you first need to check your soil.

“As soon as the weather is comfortable to be outside, start adding your organic matters and nutrients to your soil,” he said. “Especially when frost is still possible, working to prepare a bed is your best bet.”

After your soil is ready and the weather is warm, it’s time to plant. Look for these trends in your local garden center.

New colors and size

Familiar plants are getting a new look in new colors this season. Hutson suggests looking for new, bright petunias, extra-large dianthus and impatiens than can take more sun.


Containers continue to be a popular way to add spots of color to your home. Try using a container early in spring when it can be brought in during a freeze. Or test out a new plant you’ve not grown before in a container.

Go local

Visit your local garden center for plants best for your area. Being aware of what plants are temperature-sensitive and the average last date of frost in your area will make your gardening more successful.

And for more gardening tips and tricks, check out Associa Green’s HomeGrown program, which has information for gardeners of all experience levels. You can even host a HomeGrown event in your community, making gardening a community experience.

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