Make the most of your balcony space

By Paula Felps

Now that fall has arrived, why not transform your balcony from a summer hangout to a cozy autumn retreat? Regardless of your balcony’s size, you can create an environment that suits your style and extends your living space. From a place to sip coffee in the morning to a spot for relaxing with friends after work, the balcony just might become your favorite room.

Of course, with cooler weather setting in, you’ll want to consider comfort. An all-weather heater can help warm things up, but make sure it is specifically designed for outdoor conditions. Some colorful blankets or throws can also help maintain comfort while sprucing up the space.

Outdoor style

Now that you’ve got the basics covered, let’s look at some great touches to make the space your own.

  • Outdoor seating. Today’s outdoor furniture has moved far beyond plastic and metal; look for weatherproof materials (like Viro, a synthetic wicker that looks like natural fiber but is much more durable). Styles are more contemporary as well, mimicking indoor furniture but created more ruggedly.
  • Walls. Enhance privacy by adding a “wall.” It can be as simple as adding a trellis or two, or you could use outdoor curtains, an all-weather folding screen, bamboo panels, or a wrought iron panel to create a cozier space.
  • Finishing touches. Every room needs some finishing touches, and your balcony is no different. Outdoor art prints can add style and personality to your space, as can an outdoor chandelier or some accent lighting, throw pillows and tables.

Done properly, your balcony just might become so cozy that you never want to go back inside!

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