Fun ‘finger’ foods for Halloween

By Paula Felps

When it comes to entertaining little ghouls and boys, make sure you have the perfect food on hand. Put some spirit into your Halloween spread with creepy and creative takes on “finger food.”

Sure, you want it to taste good, but you also want that party food to make a lasting impression! How about some of these treats to scare up some All Hallow’s Eve fun?

  • Zombie Jell-o: With a zombie brain gelatin mold you can serve up some “brain food” that is sure to delight young guests. (Add extra Knox unflavored gelatin to thicken the Jell-o, and it can be served in slices.) Yum!
  • Deviled Eyeballs: Add red and blue food coloring to your favorite deviled egg recipe, and you’ll have a hit! Mix the food coloring to create green yolks before refilling the egg halves, then top with black olives for the “iris,” and add a pimento for the “pupil.” Here’s looking at you!
  • Severed Fingers: Turn cocktail sausages into scary bites with this quick dish. Cut “knuckles” into cocktail sausages before cooking; then after boiling, add a triangle of yellow onion or yellow bell pepper at one end for a disgusting fingernail. Serve in a small cup with ketchup or barbecue sauce in the bottom.
  • Worm Sandwiches: For a sandwich that really satisfies, cut hot dogs into strips before boiling, and they’ll come out looking like curled up worms! (Add ketchup to make a bloody mess before putting them in a bun of your choice.)
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