Baby showers for a cause

By Claire St. Amant

New babies are always a cause for celebration, but welcoming a little one into the world is much easier with support garnered at baby shower. For underprivileged moms, this is an unheard of luxury. You can make this dream a reality by stocking the shelves at your local pregnancy help center with a community baby shower.

Mix and mingle with your neighbors and make the birth of a new child an even more joyous occasion with your generosity. Here are a few steps to getting the baby shower off the ground:

  • Choose a theme Arizona-based party planner Nicole Bennett says every good event has direction. Just because the mom-to-be isn’t present doesn’t mean the event can’t be full of baby shower games and activities. Depending on when you have the shower, choose a theme that aligns with the season, such as “summer babies.” Then have guests bring swimsuits, sunscreen, and tank tops. Another thematic option is to tailor the baby shower around local sports teams. Find pint-sized T-shirts, room decorations, and sports equipment to cheer on the hometown team, and play trivia games to entertain guests.
  • Personalize when possible Before sending out invitations, Bennett suggests asking your local pregnancy help center if there is a particular family that your baby shower could “adopt.” The mother-to-be could make a list of her needs as well as preferred styles and colors. Depending on the size of the shower, some of the guests could shop for a specific child while others purchased items for the center to distribute later. Even if there isn’t a specific family, you can personalize the presents by choosing a specific age range or gender, Bennett adds.
  • Involve local businesses Many businesses have a budget for community outreach. Bennett recommends contacting area department stores to see if they are interested in sponsoring a gift basket. To maximize the donation, have guests bid on baskets, which will be given to the pregnancy help center along with the bid. “It’s a way to get people involved and create even more benefit for the charity,” Bennett says. In addition to gift baskets, you can solicit gift cards and ask the company to sponsor the baby shower by providing food and drinks for the guests.
  • Provide options Since personal budgets vary, it’s important to create a scale of gifts that makes everyone feel they can participate. Unlike a traditional baby shower, guests should be encouraged to bring gifts for both boys and girls. You can send out two different versions of the invitation explaining which gender to shop for. Bennett adds that another way to make shopping easy for your guests is to create gift packages from the $25 range all the way up to $100. Choose from the following package ideas:

–   $25 medicine package: includes a first-aid kit, tissues, a bulb syringe, a thermometer, cotton swabs, Calamine lotion, and insect repellant

–   $50 bath package: towels, soap, shampoo, lotion, a soft-bristle brush, and bath toys

–   $75 bedroom package: clothes, sheets, pajamas, stuffed animals, and wall hangings

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