Appreciation Gifts for Your Neighbors

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Reward those good deeds with personalized presents

By Margie Jacinto

I still recall when my neighbor dropped by with a tin of cookies and the neighborhood phone book. I was the new kid on the block then, but his dog still missed the old neighbors and kept crossing the street to my yard to play. I was always happy to oblige. My neighbor knew I was still getting my bearings so he just wanted to say “thanks” for hanging out with his dog, Minnie, from time to time, as well as help me get to know the area better.

As a good neighbor, what can you do to show your gratitude after the couple next door offered to water your plants while you went on vacation, or the woman a floor above you hosted a wonderful dinner party? Jan Hori, gift giving expert and founder of Isle Concierge, gives us a few ideas.

Personalized Presents

Do your research when selecting a thank you gift for personalized presents. What do you know about your neighbors? Do they have children? Do they wear their favorite team’s jersey every Sunday during football season or throughout the year? Do they have a wine collection? Where do they often travel? All of these things help in finding the perfect/appropriate thank you gift that they will both use and love.

Hostess Gifts

Food is a common hostess gift, but for something unique, forego the casserole or fruit basket and hire a personal chef to cook dinner for your neighbors instead. Or if they love wine, give a gift certificate for a wine tasting. If your neighbors are natives of another state, search for something from home. Get creative and think outside the box to show you really mean it.

More Gift Ideas

Busy people often don’t have time to do things for themselves. This is a great opportunity to give your friendly neighbor an experience she wouldn’t typically indulge herself with. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tickets to the opera, the theatre, a sporting event, or a festival
  • A gift certificate to the movies or a local amusement park
  • A spa treatment.

But when in doubt, “A helping hand with chores is always welcome,” Hori says. “A gift certificate to a maid service, personal assistant service, yard service or auto-detail are always great thank-you gifts. Cleaning and organizing are things everyone dreads, but ultimately in order to function, we need to do it. This ‘thank you’ is definitely the most useful.”

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